Tools For Students

These items are to be handed out to your prospects and students. They provide valuable information and can do the heavy lifting for you in explaining the advantages of applying for flight training financing. We encourage you to request printed copies in the original format. Place our brochures on your counter for easy access. Have application forms readily available. Use the 3-Reasons brochures when meeting with customers.

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The Application Form

We provide a supply of these applications to all ENROLLED schools, personalized with their flight school name. Simply give a copy to any student interested in financing.

The Program Trifold Brochure

This is our principal brochure for students. ENROLLED flight schools are provided with a supply of them, along with an acrylic holder for the counter.

The Preferred Customer Program Information

This is an insert included in our program trifold brochure that shows students how they can save a substantial share of their interest by making payments on time.

The Credit Card Considerations Sheet

This is an insert included in our program trifold brochure that helps your students understand the pros and cons of financing their training program compared to charging the costs of training to a traditional credit card.

The 3-Reasons Brochure.

We recommend presenting this to students in face-to-face meetings to help them embark on their training realistically, with their eyes wide open.