Flight School FAQs

Step 3:  Learn the Benefits

Will a new student tell me if he is worried about money?

Not likely. It’s embarrassing for students to have to say “I can’t afford it” when they are talking about their dream.

You may never know how many students just walk away over money issues. But you can identify these students and erase their concerns with three simple sentences:

“We have financing available for our training.”
“Monthly payments are pretty low.”
“Would you like a brochure?”

What do I do if a student begins to drift away from training?

When a student starts to drift away from the training they love, they will likely give you a reason.  While it may be partially true, this student is typically using another reason to cover the true issue – money!

This is the time to say three simple sentences:

“This may not apply to you, but we have financing available.”
“The payments are pretty low.”
“Would you like a brochure?”

How can I get “Walkaway Joe” to sign on the dotted line?

“Walkaway Joe” is the key to increasing your business and profits.  He or she dreams of being a pilot but cannot afford to train without financing. He or she has come to you for information so show them how affordable their payments can be through Flight Training Finance; guide them along the application process.

You will sign up dedicated students with a sure source of training funds – a flight school’s dream!

How can I retain “Driftaway Dan”?

“Driftaway Dan” is a student who never flat out says “I quit” but is definitely no longer contributing to your revenue.

Flight Training Finance offers a solution to this problem.  When a student is signed up for a complete training program with low monthly payments, there is a built-in incentive for the student to see training through to completion. Until the student says “I quit” in a written notification or email to us, he is still required to make monthly payments.  This will keep him flying on a consistent schedule and increase your revenue!

How will Flight Training Finance affect my school’s revenue?

Flight Training Finance’s historical dropout rate is significantly lower than the national average. Data is available for those that are interested. Lower dropout rates translate to more of your students finishing their training and achieving their goal.

Second, each student’s financed funds are put aside in escrow for your school. The student cannot use the funds for other expenses or emergencies.

More of your students will take their training on a regular, reliable schedule. More students will finish their training. All of this means more revenue for you.

Does it really matter how I get paid?

Yes! Compare the FAA dropout rate of approximately 70% to the Flight Training Finance dropout rate of 8-10%.

Annual FAA statistics include all students that obtain their Student Pilot Certificate and have paid for each lesson with the traditional method of cash or credit card. Flight Training Finance statistics include all students who, since 1999, have paid for their training through financing with Flight Training Finance. That translates into 9 out of 10 students that finance their training end up finishing a full program.  

Financing student’s training translates into consistent streams of revenue for your flight school!