Career Training Concerns

FAQs for Students and Flight Schools

Is there a minimum program size?

Yes.  Our programs are designed for “full” private pilot and instrument programs.  These programs typically include 55-65 hours of aircraft rental.  We consider any program with 45 or more hours of aircraft rental to be a “full” program.

Our minimum program size for our standard repayment terms will include at least 45 hours of aircraft rental.  We consider programs that include 25-45 hours of aircraft rental on an exception basis, but with shorter-than-normal repayment terms.  Programs with fewer than 25 hours of aircraft rental cannot be approved for financing.

Is there a maximum program size?

Flight Training Finance does not have a maximum program size.  The maximum financed program is determined by your training goals, training schedule, demonstrated payment history, and of course your ability to pay the monthly payments.

Is career-type training incompatible with Flight Training Finance programs?

The issues you should consider are likely to encounter include:

  • Monthly payments that are too large;
  • Training schedules that are limited to 1- 5 lessons per week;
  • No deferred payment options;

Can I accelerate my training to complete it as soon as possible?

The most accelerated program we can offer is 5 flight lessons per week.  A flight lesson is defined as up to 2 hours of aircraft rental time and up to 3 hours of total instruction. Also, more accelerated training schedules have shorter repayment periods.  For example, 5-lesson-per-week programs are repayable over only 18 months; 4-lesson-per-week programs are repayable over only 30 months.

Can I defer payments on my finance account?

No. All Flight Training Finance transactions require that monthly payments begin 30 days after you purchase your training program and commence training.  

We understand that as a career-minded student you may want to defer payments until after your training is complete. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer deferred payments like some student loan companies can, as Flight Training Finance is not a student loan company.

Can I finance more training after I obtain a certificate or rating?

Frequently, you need to quickly move on to the next certificate or rating, or even build time, after one training goal is achieved.  We want you to be aware that quick add-on financing is available with Flight Training Finance programs. Your ability to obtain add-on financing will depend on your payment history with Flight Training Finance, as well as your continued ability to pay the additional financing.