View/Print Application Package

If you would prefer to print the application along with additional information about our finance programs, you can access our Flight Student Information Package right here.  After you have filled out the application, you can submit it via fax to (847) 267-1800 or scan and email it to [email protected] for the quickest response.  Or, you can send it to us via U.S. mail if you do not have access to a fax machine or a scanner.

We will issue a response to you via U.S. mail within 1 business day.  You can call us 24 business hours after we receive your application to inquire about the status.
View/Print Application Package


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The Application Form

Complete the application form as fully as possible. Sign the form at the bottom of page 1. Optional co-borrower information and comments you provide on page 2 can make your application stronger.

Customer Brochure

Available at any Enrolled flight school, the brochure describes how our programs work. Check the table and payment examples to make sure our programs will work for the training you need.

Preferred Rates

See how you can save up to 25% of all interest charges just by making your payments on time! Every Flight Training Finance customer receives a Preferred Customer Interest Refund Certificate.

Credit Cards Considerations

Straight talk about the advantages and disadvantages of paying for some types of flight training with a credit card. This information will help you evaluate your options and make the best decisions.

3 Reasons Brochure

We want you to become a pilot! We also want to make sure your expectations are realistic. This brochure tells the story of why some flight students fail to achieve their training goal.